Benefits of Autogas

Benefits of Autogas

Save cash and carbon with Autogas from Flogas

There are any number of advantages to using LPG as an automotive fuel, some of which can be found below. Two advantages we’re sure you’ll remember are that by running your vehicle on Autogas you could reduce your carbon footprint and allow you to make significant financial savings.

  • Lower emissions - When compared to petrol and diesel, LPG (Autogas) produces significantly fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere, making it the perfect fuel choice for the environmentally aware.

  • Cheaper to run - The current cost of Autogas is approximately half that of petrol and diesel. Despite a slightly higher consumption when compared to petrol or diesel, the cost savings are still significant.

  • Better for your engine - Believe it or not, Autogas is also better for your engine. Oil and filter life can be doubled as LPG leaves less deposits in the combustion process than petrol / diesel, reducing the chances of oil contamination. Cylinder and piston wear is reduced because LPG mixes better with the air during cold starts as it enters the chamber as a gas, as opposed to diesel and petrol, which enter as a liquid.

  • Duty and Tax savings - In addition to the savings at the pump, Autogas also enjoys a lower fuel duty rate, a reduction in road tax and even savings on congestion charges in cities such as London.

  • Flexible fuel - Most vehicle conversions are dual-fuel, meaning that even if you can’t find an Autogas re-fuelling station, you can switch back to petrol or diesel quickly and easily.