Diesel/LPG fuel mix

Diesel/LPG fuel mix

Diesel/ LPG for Haulage – The Cleaner, Greener, Cheaper fuel mix. Impressive cost savings, impressive carbon reduction, can you afford not to switch?

Today's problems

With increasing pressure on the haulage industry to reduce carbon emissions with the introduction of carbon reduction commitments and taxation, there is a real need to adapt to this pressure without increasing costs. It is estimated that fuel represents 30-35% of the total cost of haulage and the industry cannot afford for this to increase any further.

With the industry firmly entrenched with diesel fuel technology and infrastructure what is required is not a costly and lengthy change in dynamic, but a system change that will utilise the current diesel infrastructure whilst reducing carbon emissions. Diesel / LPG mix technology does just that, offering significant carbon reductions and as an added incentive fuel cost savings of up to 16%.

How it works

Technology now exists that allows the substitution of high cost diesel fuel for the low cost cleaner LPG, while still utilising a standard Diesel engine. These systems carefully measure the substitution rate, avoiding any damage to the diesel engine. Flogas are working with all the leading suppliers of these new systems that allow large diesel engines to operate at high efficiency levels on a mixture of Diesel and LPG.

Diesel will continue to be delivered to the engine by the existing system, with LPG being delivered by a secondary gas system, fitted inexpensively to the vehicle. The system then reduces the amount of diesel and the power difference is made up by LPG. This technique means that despite cutting the amount of diesel used the power output of the vehicle is unchanged.

Diesel and LPG mixes more efficiently than a single fuel, helping reduce emissions still further. At all times the engine will remain a predominantly diesel engine with the LPG as a proprietary fuel. Indeed if the engine does run out of LPG, it will automatically revert back to Diesel, without any driver interaction.

What could you save?

  • 16% on fuel costs a year*

  • 11% CO2 reduction a year*

  • Payback on conversion in less than 19 months*

With lower fuel costs and lower duty on LPG than Diesel, your costs will be reduced significantly and to such an extent that the cost of the conversion, currently between £8000 - £9500, could be covered in 19 months or less.

* Based on a tractor unit doing 70,000 miles p.a.