Fleet Autogas - LPG for Vehicles

If converting just one petrol or diesel car to Autogas offers significant fuel savings, just imagine the savings your company could make if you switched the whole fleet

Significant savings available:

Cheaper Fuel Costs

With LPG prices significantly lower than petrol and diesel, you could save up to 35 – 40% on your annual fuel bills. Can you afford not to change?

Duty Savings

Because of its significant environmental benefits, the government has committed to maintaining lower duty rates on LPG as an automotive fuel until 2014.

Congestion Charges

As a more environmentally friendly fuel, Autogas fuelled cars are currently exempt from congestion charges in London.

Carbon Savings

By switching your fleet to Autogas, significant carbon savings can be achieved, whilst also saving your business money – what could be better?

Fleet Autogas solutions

If you are converting ten or more vehicles then you would enjoy the benefits of a Fleet Package. As well as the inherent benefits of this exceptional energy, you would also enjoy your own storage and re-fuelling solution, particularly suited to a 'back to base' operation. This provides not only security and convenience of supply, it also adds to an already significant cost saving as you enjoy a wholesale buying price.

Optional extras include the provision of a gas dispensing meter, which can be a simple measuring device or a sophisticated 'petrol pump' style unit. The unit is also compatible with a number of fuel card readers such as Triscan. It is also possible in the majority of cases to link it to your existing fuel management system. Flogas can install the systems on site or alternatively, we can supply them fully assembled on a pre-fabricated refuelling unit which only requires connection to a suitable electrical supply.

At Flogas we can help you with all aspects of the move to autogas from concept to installation:

  • Cost and carbon saving analysis

  • Vehicle conversions

  • Lease agreements

  • Storage solutions

  • Refuelling locations

  • Installation