The Perfect Solution

The Perfect Off Grid Energy Solution

Flogas - your energy experts

What would be the best possible service that you could receive from an off-grid energy provider? One that feels like a whole team of experts working for you around the clock; one that's tuned in to your every need; one that makes you feel like you're not off the grid at all.

We know every park is different, which is why as part of the service we'll survey each of your sites free of charge to work out what is needed. As your business has expanded over the years, you may find that you no longer have the most efficient energy solution to match your changing requirements.

Flogas will take care of this, with our expert technical team assessing your needs, and working with you to device a project plan that provides the perfect installation. You'll be provided with detailed technical drawings and explanations as to why we believe our plans will improve your business and save you money.

If you do decide to switch to Flogas, then our own engineering team will deal with all the necessary work quickly and efficiently. And don't worry, we know you can't have any major disruptions to your park; so we'll work to your time-scales, completing all work during your short window of closure.