Why choose Flogas for your LPG?

Flogas LPG Suppliers - Why Choose Us?

What would be the best possible service that you could receive from an off-grid energy provider? One that feels like a whole team of experts working for you around the clock; one that's tuned into your every need; one that connects you to an affordable, dependable energy supply.
Welcome to Flogas.

We're the experts in energy so you don't have to be

We have 30 years' experience supplying LPG to both domestic and commercial customers around the UK. Our customers include off-the-grid households, caravan parks, pubs and hotels, agricultural businesses, large manufacturing businesses and more. With our years of experience, we can connect our customer to the most cost effective and efficient energy solutions quickly and easily.

We'll keep you feeling connected

Our excellent nationwide infrastructure means you'll always be well stocked and never have to worry about your energy supply running low. With us, you'll always feel connected so that you'd never know you were off the grid.

Automated top-up and telemetry service

Whether you're a busy business or a home with more important things to think about, we know you won't have to much time worrying about your gas supply. That's why we offer a reliable top-up scheme; our sophisticated telemetry units can fit on any bulk tank, so we can monitor your usage accurately and schedule deliveries without you ever having to place an order. It's just another part of the expert service we provide, and our way of ensuring you're always connected to great energy.

Our highly trained staff are always on hand to help. From our helpful customer support team at our head office in Leicestershire, to our friendly delivery drivers, they're job is to focus on your energy supply so you don't have to. Think nothing of it.

We know pricing is important to our customers and because we're market leaders in LPG supply, you can be guaranteed competitive prices. We also know that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we offer a range of packages and options to suit everyone.

You're in safe hands

All of these reasons mean you can relax knowing that when you choose Flogas, you're getting a product and a service that will take the hassle out of your home or business energy supply.