Switch your oil to LPG today

Switching Oil to LPG

A simple solution

If your business is still running on oil, there's a good chance you're paying over the odds. At Flogas we offer a greener, more efficient system - LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). A simple switch from oil to LPG could bring big savings on your energy costs, as well as reducing your carbon emissions.

Who can make the switch?

If you're using any grade of oil (Kerosene, gas oil or HFO) for heating or any industrial process or production, then replacing your oil boiler and burner for a more efficient LPG fired equivalent could deliver the savings your business craves.

Greater efficiencies, greater savings

We don't need to tell you that your existing oil condensing boiler is costly to maintain. A brand new condensing LPG boiler needs far less maintenance and is even cheaper to install than a new oil boiler. Setting aside maintenance and installation savings, a new LPG boiler runs at 95% efficiency, which means your energy consumption could be reduced by 5%. Our Flogas engineers will also make recommendations for additional control systems that could see your savings rise even further.

Switching to Flogas - the process at-a-glance

Checking your energy efficiency
We'll get things started with a comprehensive site survey from our qualified engineers. They'll check the efficiency of your existing plant before designing a solution to suit your individual needs.

Demonstrating savings
This proposed solution and new equipment will improve the efficiency of your system and reduce fuel costs. And before any work is carried out, we'll show you the exact savings you can expect to see.

Flexible finance
We're always working to make sure our prices stay competitive, so you'll find a full range of flexible financial options, including fixed pricing and energy efficiency savings.

Switching to LPG
Then, when you do make the switch to LPG, our team will take care of everything - from civil works to installation and commissioning of new plant equipment and LPG tanks. We'll even remove your old oil tank and plant equipment for you.

A more reliable fuel supply
As one of the biggest names in the LPG business, we've built a nationwide delivery network that you can have complete faith in, safe in the knowledge that you'll always have fuel when you need it most.