The Benefits of LPG

The Benefits of LPG for Forklifts

More and more businesses are switching to LPG for their forklift trucks. And we supply all sizes of companies - from small operations to huge multinationals.

It's the ideal industry fuel

If you currently run your forklift trucks on diesel or electricity, then you may be paying over the odds and constrained by certain limitations. There are many benefits that LPG could bring to your business - switching today can save you money and help increase your business' efficiency.

Lower upfront costs

With LPG you won't have to purchase any costly recharging equipment, batteries, or pay for battery disposal. And an LPG forklift truck will typically cost less than the diesel equivalent so your business will start saving right from the start.

Lower CO2 emissions

LPG produces less CO2 than diesel. This means it will be easier for your business to meet government targets.


Unlike diesel, LPG won't leave soot over the products you handle. It's therefore suitable for businesses moving food, pharmaceuticals, clothes and textiles. You'll also breathe easier as it produces fewer PM10 particles, which have been linked to respiratory problems. And because it's cleaner, your LPG engine will generally last longer than a diesel one.

Faster refuelling

Batteries take time to recharge, which can mean unproductive downtime for your business. Refuelling your forklift trucks with LPG is quick and easy. This means you can keep productivity high and work around the clock if needed.

Consistent and reliable

Electricity can be unreliable, especially in the winter months when supply is susceptible to power cuts. LPG offers consistent supply all year round. So you won't need to worry about losing precious hours of work to inclement weather.


The performance of LPG forklift trucks exceeds those of their electric and diesel rivals. This is because they typically have a better power to weight ratio and more responsive engines. You can therefore relax knowing your forklift truck can tackle difficult tasks and can meet the ever-increasing demands of your business.


Whilst diesel can't be used indoors and electric forklift trucks are unsuitable for prolonged outdoor use, LPG forklift trucks are ideal for both indoors and out. This versatility means less stress for you, and for your staff - who will only need to be trained to use one type of vehicle for the warehouse and the yard.


LPG engines are significantly quieter than diesel ones. This results in a work environment that's more conducive to concentration, and perhaps, even productivity. It also results in a reduction in environmental noise pollution - important if your business is in a built-up area and especially if you operate 24 hours a day.