Commercial Biomass Boilers

Biomass provides businesses with sustainable turnkey fuel solutions for the future. It can help you reduce energy costs, generate additional revenue and cut carbon emissions.

It’s the ideal solution for high energy users, particularly those who are off-grid and heavily reliant on costly fossil fuels. 

Biomass boilers could save you up to 50%* on energy costs compared to oil and can often provide savings against mains gas. RHI payments make the business case for biomass even stronger. These inflation-linked payments are guaranteed for 20 years and mean biomass systems have a payback period of well under 5 years. Contact us today for a detailed forecast of the savings and RHI payments available to you. Click here to find out more about the tariffs available to your business.

As well providing a standalone energy source, biomass can be used as part of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution to produce electricity, or as part of a District Heating Network. It can also be used in conjunction with other renewables to maximise savings and partners perfectly with Flogas LPG for reliable heating back-up when you need it.

At Flogas Renewables we design and build top quality commercial biomass solutions (ranging from 100kW to 5MW) that are tailored to meet your exact needs. We also provide a nationwide fuel supply. 

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* Based on a biomass installation running on W40 woodchip and 20 tonne deliveries versus the cost of an equivalent system running on oil. Average costs for the last 24 months used.

Case Study Cranfield University

Cranfield University in Bedfordshire has a combined floor area of more than 66,000m2 and a high annual heat demand of between 6 and 7,000,000kWh. The campus needed a high performance, reliable supporting system – one that would not only fit seamlessly within the existing district heating setup, but would also provide a cost-effective and sustainable fuel solution for the campus’s future.

The university is now benefiting from a future-proof energy supply thanks to the installation of a 960kW Flogas Renewables biomass system. Integrated into the existing 1.4MW gas-fired CHP system – together they now provide 24/7 heating and hot water for 34 campus buildings. The boiler is interconnected to a new steel-framed fuel store, which holds the system’s wood chip supply. This top loader store has a capacity of 135m3 and can comfortably take a full lorry’s worth of woodchip (27 tonnes).

The biomass boiler is expected to provide more than 30% of the university’s entire annual heating demand each year (with outputs of between 2 to 3,000,000 kWh) and is set to save up to 500 tonnes of CO2 – reducing its carbon footprint by around 5%. The university has also applied for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which means it will benefit from guaranteed, index-linked payments for all the renewable heat it generates over the next 20 years.

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Annual heat outputUp to 3,000,000 kWh
CO2 reductionUp to 500 tonnes

"We specifically opted for a biomass system, because it’s sustainable, effective and will ultimately help us protect against future market volatility. Flogas Renewables was able to provide us with a solution that met our exact needs and they continue to work with us to ensure we achieve the very best outputs, savings and returns from the system."

Cranfield University’s energy & environment manager
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001