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Renewable Energy Funding

As part of DCC (a FTSE 250 company), Flogas Renewables can provide you with long-term security and assurance for the lifetime of your investment.

Our finance options:


You purchase your system outright, allowing you to reap the full benefits of your investment – including index-linked Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs) or Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments for each unit of renewable electricity/heat (kWh) that you generate.


If you do not have the capital investment upfront, we provide a fully funded package model that covers the entire cost of your system. This allows you to purchase electricity or heat (per kWh) at a significantly reduced rate, while cutting your carbon emissions.


Our finance loans allow you to spread the cost of your system over a fixed lease – freeing up capital for other areas of your business. We provide advice and support to help find the right financing option to meet your needs, including access to industry-leading, credible funding partners.

ESCO’s (Biomass only)

If you do not have the capital investment upfront, we provide a fully funded ESCo (Energy Services Company) model. This covers the cost of your biomass heating system, allowing you to pay for metered heat (per kWh) while benefitting from ongoing cost and carbon savings.

Flogas Renewables developments enables energy users to gain the financial and environmental benefits of renewable solutions without investing valuable capital.

Drawing on the expertise of Clearpower’s Bioenergy Solutions division, Flogas Renewables Developments builds, owns and operates Bioenergy installations, selling the energy produced directly to commercial users through Energy Service Companies, or ESCO’s.

  • Retention of capital to spend elsewhere in your business
  • Savings on your energy bills Fulfilment of carbon reduction commitments
  • Total outsourcing of energy production and supply to a trusted operator, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Flogas Renewables Developments finances each ESCO project individually depending on its own particular needs, and has access to a line of credit for qualifying projects through a partnership with Albion Ventures.

If you are considering a Bioenergy solution, but are concerned about the capital cost, please contact us on 0800 3890497 to talk about the possibility of an ESCO solution.  We are currently particularly interested in ESCO projects of the following types:

  • Biomass CHP or tri-generation (electricity, heat and cooling) solutions of 1 - 3MWe, for data centres, large offices and mixed-use developments;
  • Biomass heat-only solutions from 0.4 to 1MW for offices, hotels, public buildings and institutions

Flogas Renewables - Energy solutions

  • Carbon Trust Standard
  • Renewable Energy Association
  • Wood Heat Association
  • UK Solar