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Commercial Solar PV Panels

Investing in solar PV means your business benefits from real energy security, significantly reduced overheads and an immediate return on your investment. It will also lower your carbon emissions, helping you meet pressing reduction targets.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is ideal for commercial buildings with a high electricity demand and unused land or roof space. Panels can be either roof or ground-mounted and will work seamlessly alongside your existing energy supply for significant cost-savings.

Solar Panels can save you up to 30%* on electricity costs. These savings, matched with guaranteed, inflation-linked FiT payments for 20 years, mean you benefit from an impressive return on investment and significantly reduced payback periods.

At Flogas Renewbales we have the expertise to deliver the very highest quality commercial solar PV solutions to meet your needs. We provide seamless installations, with no costly disruptions or down-time required.

Financial savings and incentives will vary. Contact us today for a detailed forecast of the savings and incentives available to you, or click here to see more information on our finance options.

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* Based on Flogas’ fully funded solar PV model.  Savings apply to the electricity generated by the solar PV system during daylight hours and purchased through the power purchase agreement. 

Benefits of Solar PV with Flogas Renewables

Significant savings

By generating renewable electricity on site you can move away from a costly reliance on fossil fuels, cutting overheads substantially. Solar PV systems also pay for themselves in as little as seven years and will continue to deliver cost savings for the remainder of their 30 year lifespan1 – providing an impressive return on investment.

The expected lifespan of a solar PV system.

Protection against rising energy prices

Solar PV provides real energy security, protecting your business from market volatility, future shortages and price increases. You benefit from; significant savings on the energy your business consumes, payments for surplus electricity exported back to the grid and guaranteed, index-linked payments for 20 years via the government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FiT), which rewards you for every unit of electricity that you generate.    

Reduction in CO2 emissions

Solar PV generates clean energy without any pollution, waste or noise. It will significantly lower your business’s emissions, contributing considerably towards pressing carbon reduction targets and regulations.

Competitive advantage

By producing your own electricity at a long-term fixed rate, solar PV will not only reduce your bills, it will help your business create and maintain a financial competitive advantage over those still relying on traditional fuel sources. It will also help position you as a sustainable leader in your sector, allowing you to communicate a positive environmental message to your key stakeholders.

Peace of mind

Solar PV is a leading renewable energy source for UK businesses with high electricity demands. It’s a proven technology, with a long-standing track record in delivering a clean, safe and reliable electricity supply for commercial applications. What’s more, at Flogas Renewables we have the expertise to provide a seamless installation, with no costly disruptions or down-time required.

How Solar PV works

Solar PV panels are an excellent solution for high energy users with unused land or roof space.

They can be either roof or ground-mounted and will provide a clean, reliable source of energy – even on cloudy, overcast days.

For further information on how solar PV works please download our brochure.

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How Solar PV Works

The Rise Of Renewable Power In The UK (2000 - 2013)

The strong business case for adopting solar PV means that renewable electricity generation across the UK is increasing rapidly. Don’t get left behind – contact Flogas Renewables today to see how your business could benefit from solar PV.


1The expected lifespan of a solar PV system

Source: DECC - Digest of UK Energy Statistics 2014 (Growth in electricity generation from renewable sources since 2000)

  • All renewable electricity (measured as a percentage of total UK electricity generation)
  • Renewables Obligation eligible electricity (measured as a percentage of UK sales)
  • 2009 Renewable Energy Directive normalised electricity (measured as a percentage of gross electricity consumption
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