Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting Marketing Support Pack

Thank you for choosing to opt in to our Carbon Offsetting initiative.

We will now offset 100% of your gas carbon emissions, and purchase carbon credits on your behalf.

Here is your marketing support pack which contains a range of resources that will allow you to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and environmental integrity to your customers.

It includes multiple project factsheets for you to use and photographs from some of the projects we have chosen to support. You can also find our video, logo and brochure.

Carbon Offsetting Brochure Carbon Offsetting Logo Carbon Offsetting Video

Burkina Faso

Distributing clean and efficient cooking equipment to vulnerable communities in Burkina Faso, Africa.

Burkina Faso Resource Pack


Investing in hydropower plants to generate renewable energy in rural China.

China Resource Pack


This wind energy project tackles climate change by providing a renewable source of electricity to the Indian grid.

India Resource Pack


Saving forests, protecting wildlife and changing lives in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Zimbabwe Resource Pack