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Carbon Opt-in Terms

By opting in to the Carbon Offsetting Scheme, you agree,  that you are authorised to enter into this obligation on behalf of the Buyer (as defined in the agreement between you and Flogas (‘Supply Agreement’) for the supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (the ‘Product’)) for the duration of the Supply Agreement:

  • The Buyer will pay the carbon offsetting price set out above (the ‘Carbon Offsetting Price’), and in return, we will obtain carbon credits relating to the Product supplied to you pursuant to the Supply Agreement which complies with either the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or Gold Standard (GS), which are approved under the ICROA Code of Best Practice.
  • We will issue the Buyer with an annual certificate of any carbon credits obtained by us on the Buyers’ behalf.
  • From time to time, we may increase the Carbon Offsetting Price. If this becomes necessary, we will provide the Buyer with advance notice of such increases.