A more rewarding scheme for installers.

Unlike other schemes that use points or fiddly vouchers, CashFlo puts cash straight into your pocket. Easy to earn and easier to redeem. So how does it work?

You probably already know about the many advantages of LPG over other fuels for homes without mains gas, so why not tell your customers? With our Cash Flo scheme, we’ll reward you for every bulk LPG lead you generate. Plus you’ll receive a quarterly bonus for converted leads and even a percentage of the fuel value your customers use in the first year. It’s a simple way to put more cash in your pocket.

How do I start earning rewards?

Step 1. Register for the scheme

Step 2. Send us your leads

Step 3. We will let you know once your customer became a customer Flogas

Step 4. Invoice us

Step 5. We’ll pay your bonus by bank transfer

How much can I earn?

New Customer Bonus (Bulk)

1 x New Customer = £250

2 x New Customers = £500

And so on…

Quarterly Bonus

2-3 bulk customers per quarter = £150

4-5 bulk customers per quarter = £350

6+ bulk customers per quarter = £500

Bulk LPG Usage Bonus

And that’s not all. You’ll also get 2p for every litre your customer uses in their 1st year. If your customer used 4,000 litres over the year, you would get an extra £80 in your pocket.

LPG Cylinder Bonuses

We will also reward you for recommending cylinder customers to Flogas. You can earn up to £1.50 for every cylinder customer uses in their 1st year.

£1.50 per every 47kg cylinder customer uses in their 1st year

£0.75 per every 19kg, 18kg or 13kg cylinder customer uses in their 1st year

£0.50 per every 11kg, 7kg, 6kg, 4.5kg or 3.9kg cylinder customer uses in their 1st year

To register for the Cash Flo reward scheme, simply fill in the form below or if you’d like to know more call us on 0800 032 5023 or email installer@flogas.co.uk

Once you've registered, use the online Lead Submission Form to send us your leads.

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