Bulk LPG & Services

Domestic Bulk LPG Tanks & Services

A bulk LPG tank is our most popular option for off mains central heating customers. A discreetly sited storage tank, either above or below the ground, can be placed in your garden. We’ll monitor the tank’s level remotely with our state of the art telemetry system and automatically top you up when you’re running low. Leaving you more time to focus on what matters most to you and your family.

Above ground tanks

For most of our customers, an overground LPG Storage tank is perfect for storing a bulk supply of LPG. We'll carry out a full site survey, identifying the best location for your tank and then our dedicated engineering department will fit your tank - easy.

If you’re currently using LPG from another supplier and have a tank already, don’t worry. We’ll arrange with your existing supplier for you to keep your tank. No hassle, no cost. Simple.

Under ground tanks

If you’re lucky enough to live in a particularly picturesque location, an underground tank may provide the perfect solution. Your tank will be buried in a suitable location, with only a small, green inspection hatch left visible, so you really will feel like you’re connected to the mains.


Whether you go for above or underground storage, all Flogas tanks are now fitted with a telemetry unit, which accurately notes your gas usage and lets us know when you need a delivery, so we can automatically top you up without you ever having to worry.

My account

To complete the illusion, all Flogas customers have access to a state of the art online account facility, so you can ask us a question, monitor your usage, or make a payment whenever or wherever you want to.