The Right LPG Solution For You

The Right LPG Solution For You

What’d be the best possible service that you could receive from an off grid energy provider? One that feels like a whole team of experts working for you around the clock; one that’s tuned into your every need; one that makes you feel like you’re not off the grid at all.

At Flogas we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and providing energy solutions that suit your home and lifestyle.

Our dedicated customer service team aren’t bogged down with call time targets, so they can spend the time understanding your needs and requirements and developing a bespoke energy plan to suit you and your budget.

Fixed price or variable pricing

We know that energy prices are always front of our customers’ minds, which is why we look to offer as much flexibility as we can in our pricing tariffs. For some people knowing what to budget for on a monthly basis is important and fixed price periods are ideal, others prefer a variable tariff that follows market conditions.

Our customer service team will work with you to decide which option suits you best.

Telemetry or on call

We fit all new customers’ tanks with telemetry units, which let us keep track of your gas tank levels remotely. This means we can automatically schedule deliveries to make sure you never run out.

Other customers prefer to keep an eye on their own tank levels and placing their own order, so they always know how much gas they’ll be buying.

Direct debit or pay as you go

Whether you want the security of knowing how much will leave your account every month, or would prefer to pay higher bills as you place an order, we provide payment structures to suit you.

Paper or e-billing

We’re always keen for our customers to receive their invoices by e-mail as it saves on paper waste and is cheaper for both of us. Telling our customer service team that you would like to receive e- billing could save you money right from the start.

Not all of our customers like to receive invoices electronically and we understand. That is why we will continue to offer paper invoices for those who prefer to work this way.

Online account or phone ordering

We’re very proud of our customer service team and their dedication to going the extra mile for our customers. This approach means that in busy periods, especially in winter, that are phone lines become extremely busy.

To counter this and to make things as easy and hassle free as possible for our customers, we have developed a dedicated online account facility that allows you to place orders, predict when you’ll need and order, make payments and even contact us directly without ever having to pick up the phone.