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How will my home be more efficient under ECO?

The ECO scheme offers many energy-efficient benefits. Insulation will help you keep the desired temperature in your house all year round, protecting it from cold winters and hot summers.

New boiler systems are more likely to run at maximum efficiency than ones that need repair or replacing. This means you’ll use less fuel, which will keep your bills low and your home warm.

For more information, see the Government OFGEM page on ECO by clicking here.

ECO home improvements in numbers

Savings will depend on the type and size of home and the efficiency rating of your old boiler. Figures from Energy Saving Trust.

  • 25% – A quarter of heat is lost through the roof of an uninsulated home
  • £135 – £250 – The amount you could save per year on your energy bills by insulating your loft
  • 33% – A third of an uninsulated home’s heat loss escapes through the walls
  • £85 – £280 – The energy efficiency saving you could make each year by adding cavity wall insulation
  • 55% – Heating accounts for more than half of your total energy bill – so an efficient boiler makes a huge difference
  • £45-£315 – The amount you could save each year in heating costs, by replacing an old gas boiler with a new, A-rated condensing boiler with programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls

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