Graduate Programme

Flogas is a DCC company, and as such benefits from the DCC Future Leaders Graduate Programme. DCC is a sales, marketing, distribution and business support services group operating across five industry divisions in 15 countries. Its graduate programme is aimed at supporting the development of global business leaders for the future. Those selected are placed in various companies owned by DCC for 8 month periods; one of which is Flogas. Over the last year we have had three DCC graduates working for us in different areas of the business; logistics, marketing and finance.

We offer our graduates exciting yet challenging projects, which they are encouraged to manage independently, so fitting in with the concept of the 'Future Leaders' DCC graduate scheme. We provide the graduates with a great deal of support, with the aim of developing them in a business sense, and benefiting from the value they will add to our company during the relatively short time they are with us. 

This short video provides more information on the DCC Future Leaders Graduate Programme:

For more information, or to submit an application, visit their website: