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High Quality Wood Fuel Products

Thanks to our nationwide network of depots across the UK, we can provide top-quality virgin or recycled biomass fuel (wood chip, pellet and other) directly to your business whenever you need it.

All our wood is Biomass Suppliers’ List (BSL) approved (BSL0368150-0002), which means it meets official sustainability criteria and is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). It is also moisture content-controlled and sustainably sourced from well-managed UK woodland, which is continuously replanted for a fully carbon-neutral process.

Our fuel products:

Virgin wood chip

  • Manufactured to EU quality standards from sustainable, local forestry
  • Logs are air dried for at least 6 months before chipping in large, well-ventilated sheds at each depot

Wood pellet

  • 6mm EU standard wood pellets
  • Delivered in bulk direct to local customers, typically under a long-term supply contract

Clean recycled wood chip

  • Manufactured to EU quality standards from clean, used pallets and other clean recycled sources
  • Waste Incineration Directive exempt

Recycled grade B and C wood chip

  • Construction and demolition waste wood
  • Waste Incineration Directive compliant

Heat Agreements

Flogas supply fuel and maintenance to a number of customers in the form of a Heat Agreement.  This is where the end user/customer pays per kWh of heat generated by the boiler.  This is a popular form of arrangement as the responsibility of fuel quality and boiler performance lies entirely with Flogas, removing any such risk from the client.  Heat supply can be delivered incorporating all of the below services: Remote monitoring; Phone support; Scheduled servicing; Emergency call-out services; spare parts; Nationwide coverage

  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001