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A Green Future for Your Business: How to Make Your Company More Eco-Friendly


With the rapid melting of ice caps, the constant rise of temperatures, and the continuous loss of species on land and in the ocean, the effects of climate change on our ailing planet are becoming more and more evident. Many people are already playing their part in minimising their own carbon footprint and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. However, to truly safeguard the well-being of our surroundings, it is important for businesses to gradually tweak their ways too.

At first, this may sound like an arduous task, and you may simply not know where to begin. But, in truth, there are several steps you can take as a business owner to ensure your company operates in a more eco-friendly fashion.

At Flogas, we are dedicated to supporting businesses that are striving to make a switch towards greener practices. Here, we explore how you can actively limit your organisation’s impact on the environment.

Swap paper with digital

In what is an increasingly digitalised world, it would be wise to make the most of the beneficial features of computers, mobile phones, and electronic devices. Why print several documents when you can easily store them on your laptop? Or why post paper letters and envelopes when you can send emails in a flash? Moving to digital files and procedures can make for more straightforward, time-saving operations.

What’s more, on average, a UK employee tends to consume 10,000 sheets of paper each year, of which more than 75% is bound to end up in the bin. By switching to paperless alternatives, your business can cut unnecessary wastage from the outset.

Switch off lights and shut down tech

One of the simplest, most effective ways to drive an eco-friendly ethos within your business is to implement a ‘switch off’ policy. If a room is currently unused, is there really a need for the lights to be on? The answer is no. Turn the lights off and save precious money on your utility bills.

During the day, take full advantage of natural light by opening the blinds. Invite the sunlight in and allow it to do its job. When it is darker, you may want to consider illuminating your office with LED light bulbs. Not only will energy-efficient bulbs reduce electricity costs, but they will also last longer, aiding both the environment and your pockets.

Moreover, it is also good practice to always shut down appliances and electronic devices at the end of the working day. If you are not using them, why should they stay in ‘ready’ mode? Put them to sleep and take a small, sustainable step in the right direction.

Encourage green commutes

Collectively, just by driving to work, the UK produces almost 78m tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. Why not tackle these figures by encouraging your employees to find greener, alternative ways to reach the office? Decreasing the number of private cars on the road can have a significantly positive effect on the planet.

For instance, consider introducing a ‘cycle to work’ scheme. Riding a bike to the workplace will have no detrimental impact on your surroundings while also benefitting you and your team’s physical well-being. Do you or your colleagues live within walking distance of the office? If the weather permits, a morning stroll would be an even better, more sustainable solution.

Make it easy to recycle

Another step you can take to make your business more environmentally friendly is to provide staff with recycling bins. Also, it is crucial to make it easy for people to know what waste goes where. You may want to colour-code your bins, or simply stick ‘plastic’ or ‘paper’ on them, so to avoid any sort of confusion.

Furthermore, if you are planning on replacing your current electronics, make sure you are disposing of your ‘old’ items in the correct manner. If they are still fully functioning, you could even pass them on to friends and family, sell them online, or give them to charity. They may no longer work for you, but they could just do the trick for someone else!

Carbon offsetting

Taking several measures to reduce your carbon footprint may not always be enough. In fact, there are situations in which resorting to environmentally unfriendly practices is simply inescapable. In this respect, carbon offsetting can work as an effective way to mitigate your business’ emissions by supporting green efforts elsewhere.

How? By investing in sustainable schemes, such as forest preservation, tree planting, and conscious farming methods, you can fund sustainable programmes around the world and successfully compensate for your own emissions.

Arrange eco-friendly partnerships

With the consequences of climate change in plain sight, many companies are working hard to embrace sustainable policies. Searching for like-minded businesses can help you decrease your wastage and carbon emissions, as you will get the chance to collaborate with organisations that pay attention to their everyday practices too.

Therefore, seize the opportunity to cooperate with eco-friendly partners and vendors, even more so if they are local. In fact, as well as supporting your local economy, you will also be saving significantly on travel emissions and expenses.

Flogas has the well-being of our customers and our planet at heart. This is why we strive to implement a wide range of sustainable practices within our own organisations.
If you are hoping to do the same, we hope our list of simple steps will help you on your exciting green journey. From going paperless and switching off lights in unused rooms to implementing recycling initiatives and offsetting your emissions, there are countless small actions you can take to pave the way towards a more environmentally conscious business.