Customer service update - Delivery issues

Delivery issues

We are currently experiencing significant delays in making deliveries to our bulk LPG customers. 

The backlog of orders is a direct consequence of a significant disruption to the supply of LPG from UK refineries based at Fawley and Stanlow. This has been further compounded by poor weather conditions over recent weeks which has resulted in limitations in certain parts of the country being placed on our physical ability to deliver product. Whilst the national supply network in general is returning to normal, there are still some localised levels of disruption. 

The government are aware of the challenges faced by the LPG industry and have approved emergency legislation, temporarily extending drivers hours to support increased collections from major refineries. 

This situation has led to a significant increase in demand driven by sustained cold weather which in turn has led to significant increases to inbound telephone calls and email enquiries in relation to delivery enquiries. This is resulting in longer response times being experienced by some of our customers for which we apologise. Please rest assured that we are doing all we can to respond to all our customers in as short a time as possible.

As a business, we must prioritise deliveries to customers who have very low levels of gas, or are without gas altogether and are reliant on LPG for heating and cooking. On this basis, we are adapting our delivery schedules daily in order to meet the needs of these customers.  

During this time, we would urge customers to use gas sparingly to prevent tanks from emptying before we can deliver. We would also request that customers who manage their own orders, place them with us when your tanks are ideally at a level of 40% and not less than 30%. 

We sincerely apologise for any disruption to your supply and any distress caused.

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