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Flogas LPG – a power for good for off-grid properties


Scottish home and self-catering property owners switch on significant savings with cleaner, greener LPG

Off-grid homes and self-catering properties across Scotland still running on carbon-heavy fuel like oil, and relying on ageing boilers over 15 years’ old, could be missing out on major cost and carbon savings.  The good news is, thanks to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG for short), Scottish households using oil are now able to switch to a much more efficient, reliable fuel that’s kinder to the planet and their pockets.

In fact, whatever fuel they’re currently using, from oil, to solid fuel or electricity, any off-grid property can make the switch to LPG and reap the benefits. 

Save money and the environment

LPG is greener than most other off-grid fuels. It produces 20% fewer carbon emissions than heating oil, and as much as 30-40% fewer than solid fuels. [1] This means owners switching to LPG can do their bit for the environment and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

They can also save money on their energy bills. Off-grid properties moving over from electricity can make significant monthly savings,[2] and those running on oil can cut costs by upgrading to a more modern LPG boiler. Not only are they cheaper to buy than oil boilers,[3] but they’re more efficient too,[4] helping people to lower their energy use, and costs.

Stress-free, reliable energy

With LPG, off-grid properties can enjoy all the benefits of gas without being connected to the main gas grid. They get instant heat and hot water, an adjustable real flame for cooking and peace of mind that it’s always there when they need it.

Plus, there are none of the issues associated with other off-grid fuels. This means no dirty oil spills, no inconvenient power outages, no fuel theft, and no stoves to feed or clean out.

LPG even saves valuable space in the property, as boilers can be installed up in the loft and bulk tanks can be fitted discreetly underground, completely out of sight. 

A quick and easy switch

It doesn’t matter what fuel an off-grid property is currently running on, it’s quick and easy to switch to LPG. Flogas’s consumer energy team takes care of everything. They advise on the best energy solution, remove existing boilers, oil tanks, and left-over fuel, and manage the whole LPG installation.

Fuel for the future

To tackle climate change, the UK government has set a legally binding target for everyone to reach net zero emissions by 2050. This means now is the time to start thinking about switching to a more futureproof fuel.

Bio-LPG is a 100% renewable version of LPG. When it becomes more readily available, savvy owners who install LPG now will be setting themselves up perfectly to reap all the added benefits of Bio-LPG in the future, as it can be simply ‘dropped in’ to existing LPG systems.

But there’s no need to wait, Flogas is offering customers the chance to minimise their carbon footprint now through carbon offsetting. This lets people offset 100% of their unavoidable gas carbon emissions by supporting sustainable projects around the world.

Want to start saving with Flogas? Visit or call the expert team today 0800 023 23 32.

[1] BEIS Greenhouse Gas Reporting: Conversion Factors 2019

[2] Sutherlands domestic data (based on electric heating), April 2019