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Flogas partners with Baxi Heating to provide turnkey liquid gas solutions


Leading liquid gas supplier Flogas Britain has partnered with heating and hot water specialist Baxi Heating to bring UK businesses a unique turnkey liquid gas solution. The new partnership means off-grid companies looking to switch to liquid gas from oil, solid fuel or electricity can benefit from a seamless start to finish transition – all lead by one expert team.

Flogas and Baxi Heating are combining their industry expertise to design, install and commission liquid gas solutions for off-grid businesses of all sizes across the UK. Not only will customers get to pick from Baxi Heating’s vast range of class-leading heating and hot water products, but they’ll also benefit from a bespoke Flogas liquid gas supply that meets their exact energy needs.

“By joining forces we’re able to give customers a true end-to-end solution,” said James Goodson, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Flogas. “Our unrivalled liquid gas proposition and unparalleled national sales support matched with Baxi Heating’s market-leading product portfolio is an attractive combination for businesses and means they can enjoy the best of both worlds. The best bit is, we centrally manage the whole process for customers, from design right through to installation and on-going support – it’s a true turnkey solution.

“As we all move towards a lower carbon future, liquid gas is becoming increasingly popular for businesses operating off the mains gas grid. Not only has it got the lowest carbon footprint out of all traditional off-grid fuels, but it reduces other nasty pollutants too like nitrous oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter (PM)[1]. Liquid gas is also set to play a vital role in helping businesses on the road to net zero emissions, and our specialist team is here to guide customers through every step, supporting them as the energy landscape changes. Bio propane will eventually take its place, and when it does, those running on liquid gas will be able to simply drop it in, without needing to change equipment. They’ll be fit for a carbon neutral future.”

Sustainability sits at the heart of everything we do at Baxi Heating, and our aim is to lead the phase-out of carbon intensive heating with efficient, sustainable solutions. For the off-grid community we see liquid gas as an important step that will help businesses make important progress towards their net zero targets, and that’s why we’re delighted to be partnering with a leading liquid gas supplier. Our combined expertise means together we can help companies effortlessly move over from more polluting fuels like oil and start mitigating their environmental impact straight away. Flogas is a like-minded, sustainably-focused company and we look forward to working with them to forge a cleaner, greener future for off-grid UK businesses.

Nick Wilson |Commercial & Marketing Director UK & Ireland – Baxi Heating

Customers switching to liquid gas with Flogas will benefit from on-going back up and support from the collective expert team. As well as receiving leading warranties on Baxi Heating products, they’ll also be allocated a dedicated account manager for day-to-day support, and engineers will take care of any tank or plant maintenance. Liquid gas tanks will also be fitted with auto-ordering technology, which alerts Flogas when levels are running low and triggers a delivery, so customers are always kept topped up.  

[1] Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019 – BEIS: The role of LPG & bioLPG in Europe, WLPGA