How to burn more calories on your winter walks

Who hasn’t overindulged at Christmas? One of the easiest ways to get back in shape is to walk-off those extra calories - but let’s make that walk count. Follow our simple steps to burn even more calories.

Family on walk in countryside


1. Get climbing

While a walk across a flat field is better than no walk at all, to really get your body working, head for the hills. Climbing an incline burns up to 50 per cent more calories than a simple stroll along the river.


2. Take smaller steps

Another easy win to make your body work harder. Small steps means more effort to cover the same distance. Anything that involves a greater input from you burns even more calories.

Man with backpack on mountains road

3. Speed is of the essence

Quicken your step for maximum burn. If you can walk at a pace of just under 5 miles an hour - ideally around 4.7 seconds - you will burn as many calories per mile as you would if you were running. Try it in short bursts of up to 60 seconds every five minutes.


4. Buy some walking poles

Thousands of Scandinavians can’t be wrong! Using walking poles with a ski-like action helps you to burn up to 45 per cent more calories than walking without them. So get striding, pumping and burning!

Person hiking with poles

5. Pump those arms

While you’re walking don’t forget to move your arms. Bend your elbows but don’t reach out too far in front otherwise you’ll hamper your speed and actually reduce the number of calories you burn.

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