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Our new Scania units have arrived


This week we collected 15 Scania S450 tractor units that will be going into service on our ‘primary’ pet-reg fleet.

This investment has been made with a focus on safety and comfort, and configured utilising extensive driver feedback – incorporating key features including brake retarders, adaptive cruise-control, advanced emergency braking and lane departure warning technology. The new units have taken pride of place on our expanding fleet and will be a great addition to ensure security of supply for our customers.

The new units have been delivered through a real team effort incorporating many supply chain partners.  Special thanks go to our very own Fleet Engineer Howard Bolton for project managing the roll out, and Phil Kennet and Roy Osbourne from Scania for the handover support and driver training.

Key partners have included Mellors who have completed the ADR specification, RS Connect for the Direct Vision Standard equipment, Lytx for the in-cab recording technology, CGi for the graphics, and last but not least RTN group for the safety shutdown equipment.

The new Scanias are fantastic – great design and comfort features for nights away, and more room to store the drivers’ kit. The ride is comfortable and smooth and the PTO performance is great

Lead Driver Brad Keyworth

The Scanias can now be seen out on the road from our south coast depot (Fawley) to northern Scotland (Grangemouth), collecting gas from the refinery supply points and delivering into our best in class bulk supply network covering the UK off-grid gas customer base.