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How Can Companies Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?


How Can Companies Reduce their Carbon Footprint?


We understand business here at Flogas. We know that a reduction in your carbon footprint can cut your overheads and play a big part of your corporate social responsibility.

But, how can companies actually reduce their carbon footprint? From energy-saving tips to slash your usage right through to cleaner off-grid fuels to lessen your impact, we’ve got you covered.


What are our top tips to reduce your carbon footprint?

  • Consider your transport emissions
  • Take control of your controls
  • Invest in smarter technology
  • Engage your staff
  • Wise up to waste
  • Plug any gaps
  • Check your systems
  • Switch your supply


But what do these mean? Let us explain:


Consider your transport emissions

Extra miles can play a big part in your carbon footprint. Fly less frequently and take public transport while introducing video conferencing or a working from home policy could make it easier.


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Take control of your controls

Reduce your building’s temperature by a small amount and you’ll notice carbon reductions on a commercial scale. In fact, in premises with well-controlled systems, heating fuel consumption is up to 30% lower*.

* Source: Carbon Trust


Invest in smarter technology

Whether it’s energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, smart meters, or an integrated building management system, having the right tech and tools can cut your usage and emissions significantly.


Engage your staff

If you’re looking at reducing the carbon footprint in your business, engaging with your staff is crucial.  Some basic behavioural changes may be all it takes. Encourage and reward your staff to build better habits can have a huge positive impact on reducing your CO2 levels.

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Wise up to waste

Scaling back your waste at a commercial level will make a huge difference. Ensure you’re recycling correctly and using your food waste bins in canteens will help. So too will printing less and introducing a plastic-free office where possible.


Plug any gaps

Make sure you’re repairing any issues with your building, such as leaky window frames. Double glazing can help you have better insulation and combat heat loss.


Check your systems

You should make sure you’re regularly checking your heating systems. Correctly servicing your systems will make sure that everything is in efficient working order.


Switch your supply

Switching from oil to gas can help you significantly lower your carbon emissions. LPG has the lowest CO2 emissions of any off-grid fossil fuel so contact us today for more information.