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What is Carbon offsetting?


What is Carbon Offsetting?


Climate change is a huge challenge that the world is facing. While our population grows, the environment is continuing to feel the strain of an increased need for energy. This means we all need to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and quickly.

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The journey towards a greener way of life has already began for many of us. Everyday tasks such as recycling or reducing the amount of plastic we use are great ways to help the environment. So too is using LPG or even turning down the thermostat in our home by a degree.

However, we still need to do more. The government’s plan to reach ‘Net Zero’ status by the year 2050 is a target which aims to stop the UK from contributing to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. Public awareness on how we can achieve this is low though. A report from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau found that just 38 per cent of us know we need to change the way our homes are heated if we’re to achieve this goal. 

Unfortunately, until we are entirely carbon neutral, we won’t be able to avoid having a carbon a footprint on some scale. Whether it’s from heating our homes and offices or driving our cars, we can’t always live up to the green standards we’d ideally like to.


The first step towards a greener lifestyle is to reduce the emissions you are producing.

This can include:

  1. Using energy efficient lightbulbs in your home or business
  2. Turning of electronic items when not in use
  3. Installing a smart thermostat in your home
  4. Walk or take public transport rather than using your car
  5. Ensure that your home or business is well insulated

By reducing the emissions you are producing, you will help to reduce your carbon footprint. However, there will always be unavoidable carbon emissions, and for those looking to combat these inescapable emissions, there is a solution —- and it’s called Carbon Offsetting.

Here, we look through the benefits and how it can help us. Want to know how we can help? Find out more and join the Flo family today!


What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon Offsetting is how we deal with the day-to-day emissions that we create that can’t be prevented. The process allows people to compensate their emissions by funding projects that help offer sustainable development in communities around the world. These projects offer an equivalent reduction in emissions to those you create, either counteracting or absorbing carbon dioxide and bringing balance to the environment.

Many big brands have already adopted this strategy. The likes of EasyJet , Shell,  and Gucci now use Carbon Offsetting to help improve the environmental impact of their businesses. Find out how your business can adopt it too.


Why is Carbon Offsetting important?

Carbon Offsetting enables us to make a positive contribution to our environment when our emissions can’t be avoided.

Thanks to the increased funding these causes receive, it can also change lives and bring economic, social, and health benefits across communities. With people at the heart of Carbon Offsetting, as well as ecosystems, it allows us to begin future proofing for a cleaner, greener world. 


Why should I Carbon Offset my emissions?

Each and every one of us must play our part in achieving a low-carbon future. For homeowners, this means being given the chance to balance their carbon footprint. For the environmentally conscious among us and those wanting to lower the impact they’re having on the climate, Carbon Offsetting gives us the tools to make a difference. While it shouldn’t be used as a stand-alone approach and is best used as part of a wider carbon reduction strategy, it will help people reduce their impact on the environment.

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