What to do if…Subpg_troubleshooting

My gauge reading is low and I am worried about running out….

Remember that when your gauge hits the red, you still have nearly a quarter of a tank left, so you are not in danger of running out immediately. If you are a ‘Top-Up’ customer, you shouldn’t need to worry, but if you do get to 20% without a delivery, please feel free to contact us. As an ‘On-Call’ customer, you need to be placing an order when you hit 40%. Remember it could take us up to 28 days to reach you in busy periods.

I have run out of gas…..

Firstly please note that running out of gas will not damage the system in any way. If you find that your tank is empty, please call us immediately on 08705 329 580 (option 1, followed by option 1) to let us know. If you are a ‘Top-Up’ customer, we will endeavour to be with you within 24 hours. If you are an ‘On-Call’ customer, we will try to get to you as quickly as we can, but we cannot guarantee anything quicker than our stated delivery times. In the event that we cannot get a delivery to you, we may be able to offer you a temporary supply, but this will depend on the availability of our engineers and will incur a charge. It is extremely important as an ‘On-Call’ customer that you keep a regular eye on your tank contents gauge and ring us in plenty of time. Alternatively, why not consider switching to our ‘Top-Up’ system, where we will take the hassle out of the ordering process. If you do ever run out, we will endeavour to get to you within 24 hours. You can even switch to our ‘Top-Up’ system for the winter period only. To find out more please visit

I’ve placed an order, but don’t know when I will get my gas….

Our delivery times for ‘On-Call’ customers are a minimum of 7 days and can be anything up to 28 days when demand is high. To find out when your delivery is scheduled, please login in to your online account at

My delivery is due today, but it has not arrived….

With difficult travelling conditions and peak demand, we sometimes cannot make it when we say we will. To find out if road conditions are affecting deliveries in your area, please visit the winter update area on our website. For a customer who is scheduled for a delivery who does not receive their gas, it is our aim to have contacted you to let you know by 7pm that same day. If you have not heard from us, then please call us on 08705 329 580 (option 1, followed by option 2). Phone lines are open between 8.30am and 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 1pm on Saturdays.

I want to place an order, but cannot get through on the phone….

With more phone lines and more staff than ever before, we hope this will not happen, but if you cannot get through to us for whatever reason, why not register for an online account at and place your order direct onto your account. Alternatively, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]. Please remember to give us your account number, address and gauge reading. E-mails to this address are monitored by a dedicated staff member and you will receive acknowledgement of your order.