Bespoke biomass solutions for your business 

Through our subsidiary Clearpower, Flogas Renewables designs, builds and operates a variety of wood fuel heating and power solutions – from hot water, steam and district heating schemes through to Combined Heat and Power (CHP). 

Flogas Renewables offer nationwide coverage, offering out of hour’s technical support, Emergency call-out services and remote monitoring.

Hot water and Space heating

We provide hot water systems ranging from 100KW up to 15 MW, steam systems up to 30 bar pressure and thermal oil boilers up to 10MW.

Country of originAustriaGermanyAustriaFrance
Range35kW - 1700kW30kW - 2000kW110kW - 13000kW250kW - 7000kW
Operating efficienceies92%90%91%90.2%
Fuel typesWood chip and wood pelletWoodchip, wood pellet and miscanthusSaw dust, wood chip, wood pellet, miscanthus and waste woodSaw dust, bark, wood chip, wood pellet, miscanthus and waste wood
Operating pressuresUp to 6.2 bar LPHWUp to 3.0 bar LPHWUp to 7 bar LPHWUp to 7 bar LPHW
Fuel extractionRotating arm circular extraction, Walking Floor,  Extraction auger, Cylinder silo base.Rotating arm circular extraction, Extraction auger.Rotating arm circular extraction, Walking Floor,  Extraction auger, Cylinder silo base.Rotating arm circular extraction, Walking Floor and drive on walking floor,  Extraction auger, Cylinder silo base.
FeaturesRemote monitoring, BMS interlock, Full control of up 7 heating circuits, accumulator management, woodchip pre drying.BMS interlock, text alert for faults, fully automatic controlRemote monitoring, BMS interlock, accumulator management, woodchip pre drying.Remote monitoring, BMS interlock, built in multicyclone, drive on walking floor


Combined heat and power (CHP)

We supply steam turbine solutions from 500kWe to 10MWe and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) solutions on thermal oil up to 3.2MWe.

Steam-based CHP solutions are particularly effective where process steam is required on site. ORC is often preferred where heat is required in the form of hot water.

Biomass SteamORC
Can operate at low and high pressures Operates at lower pressure,  resulting in long life and low maintenance costs
Suitable for industrial applications where process steam required on siteCan be more suitable for commercial,  healthcare, or government applications
Can have slightly higher electrical efficienciesSlightly lower electrical efficiencies than steam based chp
Becomes more cost effective biomass chp solution at higher sized rangesBecomes more cost effective biomass chp solution at higher sized ranges



District heating

Flogas Renewables have significant experience in designing, building; installing and commissioning Biomass fuelled District Heating networks. Very often these installations transport heat significant distances delivering heat to numerous buildings (over 70 separate buildings some instances).  Our in-house experience enables us to take the project from initial scope, through design, project management and ultimately project delivery followed by continuous operation of system. It is this TURNKEY offering that clients have found to be most attractive, as Flogas Renewables have sole responsibility for the project and it removes any incident of conflict between sub-contractors and end user.

Fuel feed equipment

We provide the best fuel handling and delivery system for you – based on your space, site and storage requirements. 

Examples include: rotating arm extraction, direct auger feed, tip-on walking floor, drive-on walking floor, as well as crane and grab solutions. 


Illustration of orientation of the fuel store to the boiler and the different fuel feed designs possible

  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001