What is Autogas

What is autogas?

Simply put, Auogas is the name we use for LPG when it is used to power motor vehicles

It has all the same properties as LPG used for domestic heating and commercial uses, but when used in vehicles will deliver an impressive performance level whilst offering significant savings on petrol engines.

Autogas as dual-fuel

Commonly, Autogas is utilised as part of a dual-fuel system with petrol. Vehicles are fitted with both petrol and LPG tanks. The great benefit of a dual fuel system is that when an Autogas filling station is not available, you can switch your vehicle back to petrol at the click of a button. Having two fuel tanks also allows you to increase the miles covered between filling up.

The cleaner, greener fuel

LPG is one of the most environmentally friendly automotive fuels around, offering a tremendous advantage in towns and cities where pollution is a problem. With an increasing need to protect the world we live in, it’s good news to find that Autogas offers an option to help reduce harmful emissions.

Tests have shown that Autogas emits:

  • 10-12% less CO2 than petrol

  • 53% less NOx than petrol

  • 120 times less small particle emissions than diesel


While it is true that Petrol is a slightly more efficient fuel than LPG, any fuel consumption efficiency is more than compensated for by a significant saving on the fuel itself. There is also a slight power loss when LPG replaces petrol in fuel, this difference however is barely noticeable on the road. Driving on LPG will appear smoother and more responsive than when using petrol.

As a rule of thumb:-

  • 1 litre of DIESEL - 1.54 litres of LPG

  • 1 litre of PETROL - 1.20 litre of LPG