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Carbon Offsetting: The Future Way to Flo

Introducing off-grid Britain to carbon offsetting

Let’s talk about how we’re Flo-ing greener!

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The future of Flo

By offsetting your gas carbon emissions, you can make a positive impact on our planet.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting helps to counteract your greenhouse gas emissions by supporting projects that provide sustainable development in communities around the world. The projects give an equivalent reduction of emissions, either reducing or absorbing carbon dioxide. 

Thinking of joining the greener Family of Flo?

Benefits of carbon offsetting 

Being environmentally conscious is an everyday part of many of our lives. Whether it be through recycling more, reducing our use of plastics or switching from oil to lower carbon fuels such as gas, many of us are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

However for those emissions that are unavoidable, you can continue to reduce your impact on the planet through carbon offsetting.

How do I offset my carbon footprint?

For a one-off fee of around 4 pence per day*, we will support you to offset your carbon footprint from the gas we supply to you.

Over your two-year supply agreement, we will purchase carbon offsetting credits for activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or absorb carbon dioxide. 

By offsetting your carbon emissions, you can feel good about doing your bit for the planet.

Interested in Flo-ing greener?

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* The one-off fee for carbon offsetting is calculated based on the cost of offsetting an average domestic customers annual consumption, plus additional administration, certification and overhead costs incurred. A single charge can be paid in the first year of your supply agreement, covering the full two years covered. A reduced sum charge will be applied to anyone opting in within the second year of their supply agreement. Flogas intends to review the prices charged periodically, to ensure they remains accurate. 

**All the verified carbon mitigation projects we have chosen to support comply with either the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or Gold Standard (GS), which are approved under the ICROA Code of Best Practice.