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Road to Zero  

Delivering cleaner road transport

What is the Road to Zero? 

Making up around a fifth of all greenhouse gases, road transport emissions need to significantly reduce in order to reach government carbon reduction and air quality targets.  

In order to make this happen, the government released its Road to Zero strategy — a plan which outlines how it intends to tackle air pollution to achieve its goal of zero emission road transport by 2050.

Electrification is likely to be the fuel of choice for cars and light vehicles in the future.

However, with heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) estimated to account for around 17% of UK greenhouse gas emissions and around 21% of road transport NOx emissions, there will also be a need for a lower carbon solution for HGVs.1

What are the next steps towards a low-carbon future?  

The UK government announced that it is extending the duty rate benefit for alternative fuels until 2032. This highlights the governments support for viable alternative fuel options for fleets.

Lower carbon fuels such as LNG and bioLNG provide lower carbon emissions compared to diesel and also provide many air quality benefits with less NOx, SOx and particulate matter.2

What does this mean for HGVs? 

For HGVs and delivery fleets, low-carbon fuels are likely to become more prolific as the government looks to reduce the number of vehicles on the road which rely on petrol and diesel. 

At Flogas, we’re helping customers to reach their sustainability goals by offering a lower carbon alterantive solution to diesel with LNG and bioLNG.

We’ve even adopted bioLNG into our own delivery fleet, marking our ongoing commitment to creating a lower-carbon future for all.

How do I make the switch? 

The good news is that alternative fuels such as LNG and bioLNG offer a solution to the path set out by the government. At Flogas, we’re supporting businesses in their journey towards a more sustainable future by supplying our customers with LNG and bioLNG solutions.


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1 Freight Carbon Review, 2017


2 National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, BEIS