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Are you after a more affordable alternative to electric heating?

Connect to an energy supply that’s right for you, and your pocket.

LPG is an affordable, low-carbon energy solution, suitable for your home today – and Flogas will help you on your road to net zero.

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Save money when you Flo

If you’re currently using electricity to heat your home, you’re missing out on the many benefits of using LPG.  

Electricity isn’t the only option for your off-grid home. Find a new way to Flo with LPG and enjoy heating your home and water more affordably and efficiently. 

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Electric vs Gas heating – 5 reasons to switch to LPG: 

Cost effective

An LPG fired central heating system takes care of heating your home and water affordably, providing you with a great alternative to electric heating

Just like mains gas

You can cook with gas on an instant and controllable real-flame fire

Quick and responsive

Your LPG heating system will provide you with hot water quickly

No power cuts

You won’t need to worry about power cuts disrupting your supply – your LPG is there whenever you need it!

Flexible solutions

Depending on space and your home, you can choose between an overground tank, underground tank, or gas bottles.

Using coal to fuel your home? Visit our alternative to coal page to find out how you could switch to a cleaner fuel like LPG today.

1 Source: Sutherlands domestic data (based on electric heating), April 2019. Comparing electricity representative supplier (EON Energy) single tier tariff – electric radiators (£0.18 cost per useful kWh) vs LPG Propane 1 litre LPG fired boiler (£0.09 cost per kWh)


We’ll get you Flo-ing

Switching from electricity to LPG is easier than ever, our team of experts will take care of everything for you.

Your personalised quote

We’ll visit your home to discuss your energy needs and provide you with a personalised quote for an LPG solution which suits you – either a bulk tank or gas bottles.

Your installation

We’ll advise on the best option for you – whether it’s an LPG tank or gas bottles installation. 

State-of-the-art telemetry keeps us informed of your usage. Just opt-in to our free Auto Ordering programme and we’ll deliver your gas whenever you need.

You’re ready to Flo

When you’re a part of the family of Flo, we’ll take care of you. We’ll monitor your LPG supply and our Auto Ordering service means you never have to worry about placing an order.

Case Study – Electric to LPG

Read about how Flogas customer, Antonia found LPG was the best fuel to heat her home.


Bissoe, Cornwall.


3-bed, stone-built Georgian cottage.

LPG uses

Heating, hot water and cooking gas.

LPG benefits

  • Cheapest, most efficient energy solution.
  • Works perfectly with property’s original Georgian features.
  • Owner fully set up for renewable green gas in the future.

LPG is the most economical fuel for my home by far. Having a bulk tank also works out cheaper and means I need fewer deliveries. The best bit is, Flogas was able to install it discreetly underground in my garden so it’s completely out of sight. You wouldn’t even know it’s there, which really adds value to the property.

Antonia Parkinson, Flogas Customer

Learn more about your supply options

Above ground

Below ground

Gas Bottles