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Alternative to Coal

Switch from solid fuel to LPG

Gas vs Coal – here’s 4 Flo-tastic reasons to switch:

A cleaner way to fuel your home

Lower your environmental impact with the lowest carbon fossil fuel available for off-grid homes. LPG emits 35% less carbon than coal, clearly a way to go and Flo better.

Price security

Enjoy total transparency with our LPG agreement. We give you a tariff so you have up-front visibility of your price before you place your order, now that feels good!

Source Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019 – BEIS

Mess and hassle-free storage

Why not go discreet with an underground tank or our gas bottle turnkey solution, so you can say goodbye to chopping stacks of logs or carrying around piles of dirty coal or wood pellets and keep your life simple

Reliable supply

Power cuts won’t cut your Flo – your LPG is there whenever you need it… so from cooking fab flapjacks to filling your bath with bubbles you can count on us to keep life Flo-ing. LPG is reliable, safe and affordable.

Currently using electricity and want to join the family of Flo? Head to our alternative to electric heating page to switch your energy supply.

Introducing carbon offsetting to off-grid Britain; the future way to Flo.

We help our customers offset their gas carbon footprint, so when you switch and go with the Flo, you can be confident that you’re supporting global initiatives that work to counteract greenhouse gas emissions.

Just add carbon offsetting into your supply agreement with us, and for around 4 pence per day you can help make a positive impact on the planet.

Joining the family of Flo

We know living off the gas grid gives you freedom to live life outside of the city and enjoy a more remote lifestyle, but at Flogas we reach even the hardest to reach place to deliver you energy to get you cooking and to keep you warm.

We take care of you and yours. And when you need to make things happen, we’ll make them happen. We’ve been doing this for more than 35 years, so you can trust the family of Flo.

Interested in joining Flo?

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