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Industrial LPG solutions

Reliable, cost-effective


Fuel for steaming, roasting, smelting, food production, aggregates, asphalt and more.

If your business runs a manufacturing process, power generation, heating or other industrial operation, and you’re off the grid — then LPG is the ideal solution. Not only could it potentially cut costs, but they LPG has 20% lower carbon emissions compared to oil and up to 40% lower than coal.*

Whatever your business, manufacturing process or current energy source — at Flogas we’ve got you covered. We’ll listen to your energy needs and provide a tailored solution to deliver the best results; from LNG for top-end energy users through to commercial bulk LPG gas tanks and cylinders. 


Why use LPG?

Potential cost savings

If you’re switching from oil to gas, you could benefit from cost savings. View case study

Reduced Carbon emissions

LPG has the lowest CO2 emissions of any off grid fossil fuel: Fuel oil has a 23% increase in CO2 emissions relative to LPG*

*UKLPG response to A Future Framework for Heat in Buildings


If switching from Oil or Coal, LPG can help your business meet carbon reduction targets set out in the Clean Growth Strategy and Medium Combustion Plant Directive*.

Additional Benefits:

Straightforward installation

Whether you’re switching from oil or solid fuels, we’ll manage all aspects of the installation process for you — with minimal downtime.

Low maintenance

Our energy experts take care of any ongoing tank maintenance.

Supply Options


Bulk LPG gas tanks

Bulk gas tanks are popular for manufacturing and industrial plants with a higher energy use. These come fitted with telemetry units with remote monitoring, for automatic top-up when you’re running low.



Our extensive cylinders range is designed to meet lower-volume needs. Cylinders are a great option when space is at a premium or when you need a portable supply.



If you’re a top-end energy user, then LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) could be an even better fit for your business, offering enhanced green credentials and cost savings.


Switching service

Whether you’re switching from oil, switching from solid fuels or simply switching LPG supplier — we’ll manage the whole process from start to finish, so you don’t have to.

Are you a dairy processing business still using oil?

We can help you meet your Dairy UK’s carbon reduction targets – if your business is using oil for the production or manufacturing of dairy products, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) are greener, more cost-effective and lower carbon alternatives.

Why Flogas – LPG and LNG solutions

We’ve been providing LPG solutions for manufacturing businesses and wider industry for more than 35 years, so our expert team fully understands your energy needs.

We’ll listen to your requirements and future growth targets and provide a solution that’s tailored to deliver the very best results for your business — all whilst ensuring downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. 

As well as offering highly competitive prices we also provide the very best service — from initial consultation through to design, installation and ongoing expert support.

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