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Customer case study: Knockdhu distillery

Knockdhu distillery raises a glass to LPG

Whisky production with a smaller footprint

Established in 1894 in the North East Highlands of Scotland, Knockdhu distillery is part of the Inver House Group portfolio, and is known for its distinctive anCnoc single malt. While the distillery may be steeped in history, it is also dedicated to forward-thinking sustainable production.

Like many distilleries, Knockdhu was founded around a natural spring source – at a remote location away from the gas grid – and has traditionally relied on costly heavy fuel oil for its energy. Eager to reduce fuel costs and minimise carbon emissions, Knockdhu consulted Flogas about switching from oil to LPG. It’s choice to work with Flogas was based on our proven reputation as the industry leader in oil to LPG conversions.




Whisky distilling


18% reduction in CO2 emissions

Flogas have been great folk to work with, very much a case of an ongoing relationship rather than fit and forget.

Gordon Bruce,
Distilling Manager, Knockdhu

A quick, easy and unobtrusive solution

Knockdhu’s Distilling Manager Gordon Bruce says: “We needed to have a serious look at our fuel costs and carbon emissions, as they were much higher than we wanted them to be. We approached Flogas as they are the most experienced people in the business, and had a reputation for delivering results and making the process straightforward”.

Flogas project-managed all aspects of the conversion process from start to finish, ensuring the switch was quick and easy and didn’t impact production while the new LPG boiler was being fitted. This included the installation and connection of a temporary tank farm in a single day, minimising disruption to the operation of the distillery.

Flogas Service Excellence

Complete project management + fast & efficient installation
Experts in energy – with over 30 years’ experience
Automatic resupply via telemetry units fitted as standard
Reliable delivery service via nationwide network

We work closely with commercial, operational and technical teams to assess a business’s current energy levels and future growth targets.

Rob McCord,
Head of Bulk Sales, Flogas

Cost and carbon reductions

Through the combination of a new boiler, enhanced heat recovery and the switch to LPG, Knockdhu has substantially improved efficiency and has already achieved their main objectives by significantly reducing the distillery’s fuel costs, and cutting carbon emissions by 18%.

Rob McCord, Head of Bulk Sales at Flogas, says: “Many distillers and brewers are keen to address their current energy levels, but are often understandably nervous about making a capital investment into energy plant equipment when switching fuels. We work closely with commercial, operational and technical teams to assess a business’s current energy levels and future growth targets. This means that businesses like Inver House are better armed with the economic case, detailing the long-term benefits and a robust payback plan.”

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