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Gas bottle safety

Our guide to gas bottle safety

How to handle gas bottles

  • Do not store or use bottles in the horizontal position. A leak could be very serious and liquid could enter gas lines. 
  • Do not drop bottles off vehicles or platforms, as damage to bottles and valves can be caused. 
  • Always display safety and operating notices prominently. 
  • Don’t change or store bottles in the presence of naked flames. 
  • Trace leaks using liquid detergent solution, never a naked flame. 
  • Never store or use below ground level, as any leakage will collect at low levels. Storage should be well ventilated, preferably outdoors. 
  • Do not use tools to operate bottle valves. 
  • Propane bottles should not be used indoors for domestic appliances, due to their higher pressure. 
  • Always replace safety caps/plugs when the bottle is empty or not in use. 
  • Check hoses regularly. Ensure properly secured with hose clips. If hoses are damaged or showing signs of wear, replace them (using hose of correct quality) 

What to do in an emergency

  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the property 
  • Do not turn on/off any electrical switches 
  • Extinguish all naked flames, do not smoke, strike matches or do anything which could cause ignition. 
  • If there are any electrical security entry phones/locks, please open doors manually. 

Learn more about gas bottle safety

If you suspect a gas leak, call us immediately on:

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