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Gas bottle fire safety

General advice

Always store bottles correctly in accordance with the advice in this document and LiquidGas UK code of practice No.7.

Action to take in an emergency:

  • Dial 999 informing them there is a LPG tank or bottle located on your premises.
  • Remove everyone to a safe distance of the area.
  • If it is safe to do so, turn off the supply of gas.
  • Call the Flogas 24 hour Emergency Team on 03457 200 100.

Fire extinguishers for cylinder storage

Quantity of LPG storedMinimum number of fire extinguishers
(9kg dry powder)
>400kg2 + 1 per additional 10,000kg or part thereof in excess of 5000kg
(eg. 25,000kg = 4)

For quantities of stored LPG above 400kg the site operator should also consider the provision of an adequate water supply and associated equipment.

For quantities of stored LPG in excess of 25,000kg please contact us for specialist advice.

Emergency Telephone

03457 200 100