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Information for Flogas suppliers

Supplier Audit

Businesses in the DCC Group buy and sell large volumes and a wide variety of products and services every year. Building long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with the suppliers of those products and services is a key part of our success.

DCC has recently set out additional guiding principles within The Supply Chain Integrity Policy, which can be found here.

In every case, it is essential that our suppliers are able to meet the legal and ethical standards that we and our customers expect – and that in many cases, the law requires.

Those standards can be varied and complex. However, they fall into two broad areas:

  • Product Quality: Are the products themselves safe and do they meet applicable manufacturing, environmental and labeling standards?
  • Supplier Integrity: Even if the products themselves are safe and compliant, have illegal or unethical business methods, such as bribery, exploitation of employees, unsafe working practices, or a breach of trade controls been used in their manufacture or transport?

This Policy sets out how businesses across the DCC Group should address these issues. It is designed to ensure that we manage our legal and ethical obligations in an efficient and effective manner. It is also designed to be flexible enough to reflect the wide range of activities that take place across the Group.

Further, we as a company recognise the importance of safety, health, environmental, social, legal and ethical impacts of all supply and procurement decisions. 

We believe that choosing sustainable products and suppliers is a sound business decision and that sustainable procurement is a value that is not at odds with our drive for commerciality or our value for money goals.  It will in fact reduce whole life costs of purchases, protect our reputation and provide us with a sustainable supply chain.

We have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that our procurement practices and standards place an emphasis on safety and are environmentally sound, efficient and well managed on behalf of our business, our employees and our customers.  We are committed to operating to the highest legal, ethical and corporate sustainability standards.

Key objective:

We therefore ask that our suppliers:

To achieve best value for money in procuring the goods and services that meets our needs and are within legal and ethical standards.

  • Operate safely
  • Comply with all legislation, including our;
  • Promote fair working conditions of pay, working hours, equality, no use of child labour.
  • Work to reduce energy consumption and their impact on climate change.
  • Minimise packaging on any products supplied to us.

We will work together with suppliers in pursuit of these objectives and will regularly assess compliance through a supplier survey.

To this extent the following on-line questionnaire allows us to assess key suppliers and contractors and review accordingly.

Your input is vital. Further we reserve the right to cease trading with suppliers who don’t comply.