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Switching from Oil to gas

Cleaner* & reliable fuel for your business

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Why should you switch from oil to gas?

If your business is still running on oil, there’s a strong chance you’re paying over the odds.

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is a cleaner and more efficient energy source – one that’s reliable and could bring you big savings on your energy costs.  

Whatever industry you’re in and however large or small your energy requirement, at Flogas we have the ultimate solution for you, whether that be bulk LPG or LNG.

The benefits of switching:

Reduced outgoings

If you’re switching from oil to gas, you could benefit from potential cost savings.

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Lower carbon footprint

LPG is a lower-carbon alternative to oil with approximately a lower carbon intensity. Since it does not contain sulphur, LPG is also a cleaner burning fuel than oil*


LPG and LNG are compatible with a range of heating technologies and systems

Minimal maintenance

Our energy experts will take care of ongoing tank maintenance.


Who can switch from oil to gas?

Any business using oil (Kerosene, gas oil or HFO) for heating, production or industrial processes can benefit from making the switch to LPG or LNG.

The process is quick and simple, and we’ll support you in replacing your existing equipment, so you can sit back and enjoy the ongoing savings. 

Additional benefits:

Low risk

Unlike oil, it isn’t easy to decant LPG from bulk storage tanks, which puts an end to fuel theft concerns

Dependable supply

A global LPG abundance and our unrivalled national delivery network mean you benefit from a more reliable business energy supply

How to switch from oil to gas?

Site survey

Our qualified engineers will check the efficiency of your current system before designing a bespoke solution to suit your needs.


Before any work is carried out, we’ll show you exactly what cost and carbon savings you can expect from your new system.

Flexible finance

We’ll provide a full range of flexible finance options, ensuring you benefit from continued competitive pricing.


We’ll take care of everything, from civil works through to installation and commissioning.

Make the switch today

Oil vs Gas- it’s no contest. Want to know more about the business benefits of gas?