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At Flogas, your safety is at the heart of everything we do. Safety is a Flogas core value and our SAFETY F1RST programme and rigorous safety management processes are here to ensure our customers, colleagues and the wider public always stay protected. We always put SAFETY F1RST.


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LPG is a very safe product when stored and used correctly. However, it is a flammable, pressurised gas, and therefore it’s our duty to explain any potential dangers and minimise any risks. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, we urge everyone using LPG to read through our dedicated safety guides and technical information; to keep you informed, and most importantly, safe.

From bulk LPG safety tips through to cylinder handling and storage advice – at Flogas, we have you covered.* 

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*Our safety advice is not a complete and authoritative representation of the law

Cylinder handling

  • Do not store or use bottles in the horizontal position. A leak could be very serious and liquid could enter gas lines.
  • Do not drop bottles off vehicles or platforms, as damage to bottles and valves can be caused.
  • Always display safety and operating notices prominently.
  • Don't change or store bottles in the presence of naked flames.
  • Trace leaks using liquid detergent solution, NEVER a naked flame.
  • Never store or use below ground level, as any leakage will collect at low levels. Storage should be well ventilated, preferably outdoors.
  • Don't use tools to operate bottle valves.
  • Propane bottles should not be used indoors for domestic appliances, due to their higher pressure.
  • Always replace safety caps/plugs when the bottle is empty or not in use.
  • Check hoses regularly. Ensure properly secured with hose clips. If hoses are damaged or showing signs of wear, replace them (using hose of correct quality)

Staying safe with LPG

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