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Gas vs electric – which is better for my business?

If your off-grid business powers its central heating or hot water on electricity, then you could be making substantial savings by switching to a low carbon gas, such as LPG and LNG.

Not only can you cut your business’s energy costs, but you’ll benefit from a reliable fuel supply.

Whether you’re heating an office, running a hotel, or powering an industrial process at Flogas we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. From LNG for top-end energy users through to bulk LPG gas tanks and cylinders, we have the solution to fit your business. No more power cuts, just all the benefits of a mains gas supply, without being connected to grid.

Gas vs electric – the benefits: 

Cost savings

By switching from electricity to LPG or LNG, you could enjoy cost savings of up to 50%. 1

Reliable supply

With LPG and LNG you never have to worry about a power cut again. A global abundance matched with our unrivalled delivery network gives you complete peace of mind.

High efficiency

Because gas is a high-efficiency fuel, it’s easy to control and provides optimised performance and reduced energy consumption with modern heating systems.

Low emissions

LPG and LNG have the lowest CO2 emissions of any conventional off-grid fossil fuel, as well as low pollutants, such as NOx, SOx and PM. Flogas customers can also offset up to 100% of their gas carbon emissions.

Simple installation

We provide a full turnkey solution. That means we’ll manage the whole process for you, with minimal downtime for your business.

1 Source: Sutherlands domestic data (based on electric heating), April 2019. Comparing electricity representative supplier (EON Energy) single tier tariff – electric radiators (£0.18 cost per useful kWh) vs LPG Propane 1 litre LPG fired boiler (£0.09 cost per kWh)

Supply options

There’s no one size fits all answer, and you might benefit from a mixture of both. Our experts will assess your business energy needs and help you find the right solution.

Bulk supply or gas cylinders?


Bulk tanks

The most popular option when space is less of a concern and usage is higher. Depending on your needs these can be installed either above or discreetly below ground.

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Designed to meet lower-volume needs. Great when space is at a premium, or when you’re on the move.

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Switch from electricity to gas

With Flogas, switching is easy. You’ll been given your own dedicated account manager who will manage the whole process for you


Before any work is carried out, we’ll show you exactly what cost savings you can expect from your new system

Site Survey

Our qualified engineers will assess your energy needs and design a solution that’s bespoke to your business


We’ll take care of everything, from civil works through to installation and commissioning

Minimal maintenance

We’ll take full responsibility for the maintenance and performance of your tank, ensuring you always get the best out of your system

Dependable supply

We’ll ensure you always have a reliable, uninterrupted supply for your business using our unrivalled delivery network and Auto-Ordering service

Keen to switch on the benefits of gas?

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