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Autogas – LPG for vehicles

Cut vehicle costs and carbon emissions

Take your environmental and financial savings the extra mile

Autogas is the name for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) when used to power vehicles.

Autogas has all the same properties as LPG used by homes and businesses, and when used in vehicles it delivers impressive performance and significant savings compared to petrol or diesel.

An Autogas conversion is a great way to lower your emissions and make cost savings compared with diesel or petrol prices. Whether you’re a vehicle owner wanting to lower your fuel duty rate or reduce your road tax to save some money, or you’re a business with high road fuel bills, wanting to reduce your running costs and carbon emissions, we’ve got you covered. 

Stockist finder 

We have a national network of Autogas stations – use our Stockist finder to find your closest ones. 

Keysites: Flo-ing on Autogas

As well as the standard Autogas pumps, we also have a clever key system design to make accessing and paying for Flogas Autogas really simple.  

With your electronic key, you will have access to all of our Flogas Autogas Keysite outlets, be able to fill-up your vehicle and drive away knowing that you will be quickly and conveniently billed automatically.  

Our four simple steps will keep you Flo-ing.

  1. Insert your key into the dispenser 
  2. Enter your pin number when asked 
  3. Add any mileage information requested 
  4. Fill up and drive away!

Show your great road sense

To chat through your Autogas options just call us on:

0800 574 574