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2040 Vision

Transforming off-grid Britain with our 2040 vision

What is our 2040 Vision?

We understand the importance of reducing carbon emissions and tackling the challenge of climate change.

Businesses and individuals all have a role to play in reducing the impacts of climate change and meeting net zero targets by 2050.

That’s why we’ve created our 2040 Vision  —  our plan on how we intend to support the government’s carbon reduction targets by building a lower-carbon future for off-grid homes and businesses across the UK.

..and we have a plan to get there.

Watch our video all about the pathway to 2040.

Read more in our Pathway to 2040.

We endeavour to supply customers with 100% renewable energy solutions by 2040, while reducing our own environmental impact year-on-year.  

Our Journey to 2040

As the lowest carbon, cleanest burning conventional off-grid fossil fuel*, LPG already offers significant carbon and air quality benefits compared with oil and solid fuels.

Our 2040 vision highlights the steps we’ve taken to further our sustainability efforts.

We are committed to the government’s clean growth agenda and helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals both today and in the future.

*UK LPG response to a future framework for heat in buildings

Helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals

Security of supply

We have the UK’s largest LPG storage terminal in Avonmouth to increase the UK’s LPG storage capability and is “bio-ready.”  

Oil to gas

We help our consumer and business customers to reduce their carbon emissions and improve air quality by switching from oil to gas.