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With Flogas gas storage terminals in Teesside and Avonmouth, more than 60 depots across the UK, and c450 drivers delivering to hundreds of thousands of customers, working in operations at Flogas is fast-paced and full of opportunities to learn and grow.  Safety is always at the forefront of our minds, as we work together to get energy to our customers when and where they need it every time.

Most of our operational department work from our depots spread across the UK, with roles including Yardhands, supervisors and managers – as well as our team of Drivers, who we support in all their deliveries.

Then there’s our logistics and fleet management teams, based at our head office in Leicester, who use class-leading systems to schedule and control deliveries to ensure our customers get what they need, when they need it.

In 56 depots from Cornwall to the Highlands, our operational teams are working tirelessly to get energy to our customers when and where it’s needed. From the Yardhands who help fill and load our cylinders, to the Drivers who deliver it so seamlessly to homes and businesses across the UK, these are close knit teams. It’s all co-ordinated by our Site Managers whose leadership ensures our depots are safe, their team members are thriving, and our customers’ experience is second to none.

Medical Gases are crucial to today’s healthcare, helping to preserve life and reduce pain for patients all across the UK. Our team work hard to make sure these essential gases, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium and nitronox get where they’re needed, when they’re needed, and are always working their best, so emergency crews and health professionals can carry out their vital work. Join us helping to keep patients safe in a wide range of careers from drivers and fillers to logistics, quality control and strategic support roles.  

Our storage facility at Avonmouth is the nation’s largest above ground LPG terminal, with capacity to store 34,564 tonnes of gas, which needs to make its way to depots and customers across the UK. We’re currently also constructing an underground pipeline to connect it to Bristol port. Join us here, helping to keep energy moving where it’s needed, safely and efficiently.

Managing our national delivery fleet and scheduling and controlling all of our customer deliveries is a fast-paced and exciting challenge. Our Fleet & Logistics team, including our Distribution and Fulfilment Coordinators, are based in our Head Office in Leicester. Working in partnership with sites across the country, our teams plan the movement of our LPG stock from refinery to customers doors, optimising our drivers time, whilst making sure our customers get their fuel exactly when they need it.  Keeping costs down, and service quality sky high is the name of the game.

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“The most fulfilling aspect of working at Flogas? The chance to build on my technical knowledge, and gain the expertise to oversee larger teams, first, as a Site Manager, then as an Operations Support Manager for the Northwest region.”

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