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Join us, you’ll feel right at home.

Delivering gas and offering the best customer service we can is just what we do, what we’ve always done, and will continue to dob because we’re full of energy to keep you and your home flo-ing.

Switching LPG Supplier

Get connected to an energy provider that just does right by you.

Changing your existing fuel

Move away from oil, solid fuel or electricity to an off-grid energy right for you.

Renovating a home

Updating an old off-grid heating system? We’ll get you flo-ing just right.

Switching LPG supplier to Flogas is simple

Switching from your current domestic LPG supplier and finding your Flo is simple, and so is getting the best deal with the most reliable supply. Getting a quote from Flogas is effortless and, because everyone is different, every quote is as unique as you and your needs. Think of our service as your bespoke quote.

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Oil to gas conversion

As a specialist LPG gas supplier, replacing your oil boiler with a new LPG boiler for a cleaner, more cost-effective fuel solution with Flogas has never been easier.

You could save space inside and outside, with a smaller LPG boiler and underground LPG tank. Plus you eliminate the fear of fuel theft – LPG is impossible to steal from an LPG bulk tank!

So, get rid of the smell and dirt of oil and call us:
0800 023 23 32

Switch from solid fuel to LPG

Is having to carry your coal or logs in from the cold getting a bit tiresome? Move to a bulk LPG tank from Flogas – a leading LPG gas supplier – and give your back a break!

Plus, lower your environmental impact with the lowest carbon fossil fuel available for off-grid homes. LPG emits 35% less carbon than coal1, clearly a way to go and Flo better.

Call us today:
0800 023 23 32

Switch from electric heating to LPG

Electricity bills shocking? If you’re currently using electricity to heat your home, you could be missing out on the many benefits of using LPG.

Electricity isn’t the only option for your off-grid home. Find a new way to Flo with LPG and enjoy heating your home and water more affordably and efficiently.

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0800 023 23 32

Heat Your Home with LPG

Living off-grid shouldn’t be a hassle. Flogas is one of the UK’s leading domestic LPG supplier. We provide our customers with reliable LPG service – from domestic LPG tanks to LPG gas bottles – throughout all seasons.

Flo-tastic reasons to switch domestic LPG supplier

Easy switching with no downtime

As long as your existing tank passes a few simple safety checks, we’ll take over ownership from your existing supplier and you’ll just carry on Flo-ing!

Customer service tailored for you

From our customer service and technical support teams to our dedicated delivery drivers – they’re all here to help you in any way they can.

Sustainable off-grid energy for today and tomorrow

We endeavour to supply customers with 100% renewable energy solutions by 2040.

Top tips for preparing your home for winter

During the cooler months, you’re likely to require more frequent gas deliveries. It’s essential that we can get to your tank and deliver to you quickly and safely.
Here are our top tips to keep you flo-ing all year round.

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Government support for your energy bills

We understand that our customers, along with many other people across the country, will be experiencing concerns due to the ongoing ‘Cost of Living crisis’.
Here’s our guide to everything available to you.

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We’re fully committed to building a lower carbon future for UK homes

We endeavour to supply customers with 100% renewable energy solutions by 2040. Not only will this help towards meeting the UK’s environmental targets, but it means our customers maintain all the benefits that gas has to offer.

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Shop for gas bottles and accessories

The perfect solution for truly flexible off-grid living, our gas bottles are ideal for smaller homes or homes with lower usage.

Our gas bottles are designed for use with gas-powered stoves, portable heaters and barbeques so no matter what your needs are, we have a solution for you!

Are you ready to live life connected?

Call us on 0800 023 23 32 and speak with our friendly team today, or fill in our simple form

  1. Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019 – BEIS