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Heating solutions for Housing Developers, Home Builders and Renovations

Off-grid energy with on-grid reliability

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Off-grid home heating solutions for anyone building or renovating homes off the mains gas grid

If you’re building or renovating a home that is not on the gas grid, our range of LPG solutions are a popular and affordable solution for homeowners – and if you’re a builder can ensure a great return on investment for you.

Our team of energy experts are on hand to work with you to install an off-grid gas system that’s tailored to meet your needs, providing reliable energy for you or your customers with LPG for housing developments.

Whether you’re building or rnovating a single house or a group of homes, Flogas LPG is the right energy solution for you.

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The benefits of heating homes with LPG:

Like mains gas, off the grid

Residents enjoy all the same advantages as being connected to the mains (including a controllable gas flame) even in the most rural of locations.

Low carbon

LPG is a sustainable alternative to solid fuels and oil,* and has the lowest carbon footprint. This helps towards meeting SAP efficiency requirements, reducing the need for additional energy-saving measures.

Cost effective

With LPG installation from as little as £400 per property**, it is low cost and can also provide significant cost savings for residents compared to other fuels.


Unlike oil, LPG tanks can be installed discreetly underground, so views remain unspoiled.


LPG for housing developments allows you to choose boilers in standard sizes, so they can be easily incorporated into existing house designs and can work alongside smart technology, such as thermostats.

Fit for the future

Choosing LPG from Flogas doesn’t just mean choosing the best off-grid fuel for today, but means your partnering with the energy supplier for the future of your home too. We’re hard at work on exploring ‘the future fuel’ with options such as bioLPG, rDME, Hydrogen and more in our list of solutions. Read more at

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 LPG emits around 12% less CO2 than oil1


We endeavour to supply customers with 100% renewable energy solutions by 2040. 


From as little as £400 per property**


Our expert sales managers are your 1 point of contact from enquiry to installation.

Hear it from our happy customers

Over the years we’ve successfully installed energy solutions for thousands of homes across Britain – from a single home to a large estate. If you’re switching from oil to gas, you could benefit from potentiual cost savings. LPG also has the lowest carbon footprint of all off-grid fossil fuels, and emits fewer pollutants. Whether you’re a builder, renovating a property or a self-builder, we’ll work with you to install an off-grid gas system that’s talored to meet your needs.

Installing communal Flogas LPG hubs was the perfect solution. It meant we could provide a continuous supply of energy to meet all the homes’ heating, cooking and hot water needs – all from one centralised storage facility. It also allowed each home to have its own smart gas meter, so residents could be billed based on actual readings, rather than estimates.

Steve Billings,
Burrington Estates

Finding the right off-grid energy solution for you

We know you’re building homes that you want your customers to feel warm and happy for many years to come. With LPG, you have a range of solutions to make sure that happens. Whether you opt for individual tanks for your homes – which can be either above ground or underground tanks – or you choose a metered supply, Flogas can help you every step of the way.

Off Grid House Underground Tank

Bulk LPG gas tanks

Bulk LPG gas tanks are available as above ground and underground solutions, providing the ultimate flexibility to your off-grid homes.

Sustainability & Environment

We believe the transition to a renewable future should be simple, with the lowest level of disruption for end users.

*1 Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2019 , BEIS **price applies to developments of 20 homes and above