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What delivery service do you offer?

LPG is versatile and can be stored and transported safely. We offer delivery to properties in 3 main ways:

  • Gas bottles – ranging from 3kg to 47kg to cover many uses, from leisure to industry to heating homes where a larger tank cannot be sited;
  • Bulk tanks – these can be installed in a single tank installation, or a larger tank array to service to service anything from the smallest home, to large country estates, and large industrial processing
  • Metered estates – a metered estate is a group of homes with a central bulk tank installation that serves each property through meters – much like mains gas meters.

With more employed tanker drivers and significant investments in the LPG supply chain, Flogas offers unrivalled delivery to all customers in Great Britain.

Our gas bottle delivery service covers the majority of Britain with the largest network of Flogas owned depots and third-party stockist of any LPG supplier. You can order online or by calling our customer service team.

For our bulk LPG delivery service, custoomers can choose the relaxation of Auto-ordering, where our systems calculate your usage and plan orders for you, or Manual ordering, where customers monitor thier own tanks and pace orders on demand. Metered estates customers can relax, knowing that their central storage tanks are being supplied by Auto-ordering and they will only be charged for the gas they use through their own meters.

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