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Metered Estates

The right choice for rural housing estates

A reliable and consistent LPG supply for housing estates off the mains gas grid

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Moving into the family of Flo

If you’ve recently moved to a metered estate, or are soon to move into one, we’ll take good care of you.

Using LPG supplied by Flogas feels exactly the same as being on the gas grid. We make sure you always have enough gas and your individual meter means that you never pay for more gas than you need to. 

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Switch your metered estate to Flogas 

From 1st January 2021, the rules around metered estates are changing, so get in touch with us today on 0800 023 23 32 to find out more.

Competitive prices

We work with you and your estate to assess your requirements and offer the best price we can

We’ve been doing this for a while

Customers have been benefiting from Flogas LPG for over 35 years — our experience means you’re always in safe hands.

Reliable and consistent supply

With more depots than any other LPG supplier, we’ll make sure we keep your tank topped up

Find out more about Flogas today! 

To start your Flogas journey, get a quote or speak to one of LPG switching experts.

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Living life on a metered estate with Flogas

LPG for metered estates provides housing estates outside of the mains gas grid with a reliable and consistent LPG supply. Each metered estate will have one or more tanks supplying each home. To make sure everyone’s usage is accurate, each home is fitted with its own meter. It really does feel just like being on the mains gas network.

Paying for your gas is easy too

Our clever system monitors the levels in the tank and we’ll fill up when needed, so you never need to order more gas. All we ask is our customers give us their meter readings every month to make sure they are only paying for the gas they have used.  

We’re fully committed to building a lower carbon future for UK homes

We endeavour to supply customers with 100% renewable energy solutions by 2040. Not only will this help towards meeting the UK’s environmental targets, but it means our customers maintain all the benefits that gas has to offer.