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Breweries & Distilleries

Cost-effective, efficient &

reliable LPG

Reliable, cost-effective and efficient LPG solutions

We understand how energy-intensive the distillation process is. If you run a brewery or distillery, and you’re off the mains gas grid, then LPG is the perfect solution.

Not only is LPG a low carbon alternative to heavy fuel oil (HFO) and solid fuels (coal, wood pellets or logs), but it is both highly efficient and cost-effective — helping you cut your bills and your carbon emissions.

Whether you’re a microbrewery business or a large beverage company, and whether you’re currently running on oil or coal, we have an energy solution that will meet your needs. Our solutions cover all bases and user levels, such as our bulk LPG gas tanks and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) supply for high energy users.

LPG for distilleries and breweries – the benefits

Cost savings

If you’re switching from oil to gas, you could benefit from potential cost savings. View Tomatin case study

Lower carbon

LPG has the lowest CO2 emissions of any off grid fossil fuel: Fuel oil has a 23% increase in CO2 emissions relative to LPG*

*UKLPG response to A Future Framework for Heat in Buildings

MCPD compliant

LPG can help businesses (between 1-50MW) comply with the government’s Medium Combustion Plant Directive.

Low maintenance

Our energy experts take care of any ongoing tank maintenance, so you don’t have to.

Supply options

No drinks manufacturing business is the same, and the same goes for our energy solutions. We’ll discuss your energy needs and provide an option that’s tailored to your needs.


Bulk LPG gas tanks

Bulk LPG gas tanks are the most popular option for drinks businesses. Our tanks come fitted with telemetry units, so we can keep you automatically topped up when you’re running low.



If you’re a top-end energy user, then LNG could be an even better fit for your business, offering enhanced green credentials and cost savings.


Switching service

Whether you’re switching from oil, solid fuels or looking to move LPG supplier — we’ll manage the whole process for you, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Why Flogas?

We’ve been providing leading energy solutions for breweries and distilleries for more than 35 years, so our expert team fully understands your industry and your energy needs.

We’ll listen to your requirements and future growth targets, and provide a solution that’s tailored to deliver the very best results for your business — all whilst keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. 

As well as offering highly competitive prices we also provide the very best service — from initial consultation through to design, installation and ongoing expert support. You can also rest assured that you’ll always have the power you need for your brewing or distilling business, as our nationwide delivery network is the most extensive in the UK, with the most depots.

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