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Commercial LPG Tanks

Power your business with reliable off-grid gas

Why bulk LPG?

Commercial bulk LPG gas tanks can be stored above or underground, and have a wide range of benefits for rural businesses.

Power your business with reliable off-grid gas

Cut costs

If you’re switching from oil to gas, you could benefit from potential cost savings.

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Lower carbon footprint

LPG is a lower-carbon alternative to oil and solid fuels with approximately a 20% and 30% lower carbon intensity respectively.*

Plus, you can now offset your LPG gas carbon emissions!
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Minimal maintenance

Our energy experts will take care of ongoing tank maintenance.

Tank storage options

Above ground tanks

You can store your off-grid LPG in one of our above ground tanks. We’ll look after the installation process from start to finish and will advise where to place the tank.

Plus, our Auto-Ordering service will keep you toppoed up, meaning you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Underground tanks

If you want your keep your businesses open space clear, you can store your bulk commercial LPG in an underground tank.

You can still take advantage of our Auto-Ordering service. No more monitoring tanks or remembering to place orders. Instead, our automated gas delivery service means we’ll do it all for you – completely free of charge.

Interested in fuelling your home with Flogas? Check out our bulk domestic LPG page today for more information on how to supply your home with clean and reliable energy.